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18-Aug-2017 | Technology

Amplified Focus on Enhancing Customer Experience to Uplift the Language Processing Market

Language processing includes the reading text’s automation with the use of advanced algorithms. The language processing devices recognize grammar and words to obtain meaning from huge expanses of text. Additionally, it combines computational linguistics with artificial intelligence to understand and process the natural language obtained by the computer. At present, in business scenario ...

18-Aug-2017 | Electronics

Launch of Jio’s 4G Handset to Fuel the Global Tablet and Smartphone Market

Reliance Jio had already been in talks due to its affordable plans that it is offering to its users. And now, the company has launched its 4G enabled smartphone in the country. This handset is claimed to be the cheapest and most affordable 4G handset in the market. The launch of this handset is going to boost the profit charts of the company. And simultaneously, it is also going to power the ...

31-Jul-2017 | Electronics

Generation of New Slot at Busy Airports to Uplift the Airport Information Systems Market

Airports are progressively implementing technological solutions to attain related cost reductions and operational efficiency. As a consequence, the establishments are spending in new technologies such as near-field communications, geolocation, 3D face recognition, iBeacons, thermal sensors, and video analytics. The demand for instantaneous data sharing, rising passenger traffic, and need for ...

31-Jul-2017 | Technology

Digitalization to Boost the Indian Media and Entertainment Market

The need for digitalization in the various sectors has helped the country prosper to some extent. Digitalization helps ease and quicken the process of improvement needed in a sector. Currently, in India the craze for TV, print, media, and entertainment industry is endless. Hence, there is no doubt that half of the country’s revenue is earned through this sector.

18-Jul-2017 | Automotive

Indian Auto-Giants Ashok Leyland and Tata Lead In Africa’s Commercial Vehicle Market

Commercial vehicles such as trucks and goods carrier vehicles are the most dominating segments in the global automobile market. Commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Sinotruk, Isuzu, Tata, Ashok Leyland, and Dongfeng attributed for 73.1% of overall sale in Arica’s commercial vehicle market. Owing to escalating in

18-Jul-2017 | Automotive

Indian Automobile Market Remains Slow-Moving In June Owing to the Liquidation Of Stock, Ahead Of GST

In the overall process of GST implementation in the country, each and every sector that maintains inventory faced an issue related to liquidation of stockpiles owing to slow moving market. Consumers have been playing smartly to reap maximum gains out of their spending. This amendment has impacted the automobile sector from both the sides as some of the segments fall under those tax slabs tha ...

13-Jul-2017 | Electronics

Electronics and Hardware Market In India to Witness Huge Growth

The need of electronic goods in India is anticipated to grow at an average yearly growth rate of 41% between the time frame of 2017 and 2020 to arrive at $400 Billion by the end of 2020, a research last week said.

13-Jul-2017 | Electrical

Global Security Market At Stake After The U.K. Parliament Attack

Now, it’s the U.K. parliament that has come under the attacks of the malware. The hackers have tried accessing the Member of Parliament’s (MP) emails this month. Looks like the hackers are on a wild rampage. The cyber security attacks have increased to a greater extent this year. The private and public organizations, healthcare sector, and now even the political sector has come u ...

23-Jun-2017 | Electronics

Launch of Nokia 3310 in India to Boost the Featured Phone Market

The wait of the Nokia lovers in India finally came to an end. The company’s legendary Nokia 3310 will be available from May 18, 2017 across India boosting the featured phone market. Here are some reasons that you should buy the handset.

23-Jun-2017 | General

Modernization of Existing Fleets on High Number Is Spurring the Growth of The Global Barge Transportation Market

Water way transportation has a huge contribution in the logistic sector. Transportation of heavy goods and parts are majorly transited through waterways. There are various modes of carriers that are utilized for diverse applications. Barge is one of those carriers, majorly with flat bottom shape, used for canal transport and river-based transportation. Barge comes in two types that include s ...