A 23 Foot tall air purifier gets a tryout in smoggy Beijing

Posted on: Jul-2016 | By: 9 Dimen | General

Studio Roosegaarde, a social design lab in Netherland has created world’s first outdoor air purifier which will help cities to be smog free. It is 23 foot tall, and looks like a miniature sky scraper.

Inside it is a powerful vacuum which uses ionization technology to suck up smog, filter the hazardous particles and release the purified air out. According to Mr. Roosegaarde in 36 hours it can eliminate 70 to 80 % of the impurities in the air from an area of the size of a football stadium.

This device was first tested in Rotterdam, but now China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has commissioned the temporary installation of the tower in Beijing to start with.

Mr. Roosegaarde considers it a first step and apart from whatever effect it has on the environment, the tower is significant for the entrepreneurship it represents. This product is not only purifying the air but it’s by product is as fascinating as the core product.

The carbon particles extracted from the air purifying process will be compressed and sealed in acrylic in the form of a ring, cuff links and cubes and then will be sold which has already started in few places.