Amazon drones are ready to take a flight

Posted on: Jul-2016 | By: 9 Dimen | Technology

After having the approval of UK aviation regulators, Amazon is ready to test and develop new drone delivery system. The Civil Aviation Authority has given Amazon the green signal to explore drone flights that extend beyond a pilot's line of sight in both rural and suburban settings.

In addition to allowing drones to fly beyond a pilot's vision, the U.K. regulator has given Amazon permission to test sensors that will allow drones to avoid obstacles. It is also allowed to conduct trial flights where a single person operates multiple drones.

The company's Prime Air program uses drones that are highly automated and weigh less than 55 pounds. They are able to fly at altitudes of up to 400 feet, but aircraft flight paths and busy urban areas will remain off limits. The goal is to deliver parcels of up to five pounds to customers in the U.K. within 30 minutes of order.

This approval is allow Amazon not only to try its drone services but to fathom the overall performance of it and its use in present and near future after some advancement in technology.