Global Transportation Market to Profit from the Shuttl App-Based Bus Service

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Automotive

Transportation is a facility no individual can avoid. Hence, there is always a need for a feasible and secure transportation mode of vehicle. Shuttl is a startup that has found a new way of tackling the passenger safety issues. The bus service company has decided on including a number of new features to its mode of transportation and also enhances the passenger’s safety. It is planning to break the standards set by Uber, Ola, and others.

Looking at the demand for the safety of the people and their well-being, the company has rolled out about 450 buses installed with the emergency features. The global transportation market can gain a lot of momentum owing to the Shuttl bus services. The buses will have a number of safety features including the alarm system called SOS along with a panic button installed at the front door. These features can slow down or completely halt the bus and help the person in need.

Another safety feature which can come handy is the CCTV live feed, which can be shared with friends and family. There is also an alcohol detector feature that will soon be installed to avoid alcoholic drivers from driving. All the features have been developed keeping the passenger’s safety in mind. The global transportation market is surely going to excel once the buses start riding on the roads.

There is also a Shuttl app that helps authenticate the passenger by uploading a picture of oneself on the app or using an audio system. These authentication processes help avoid intruders from entering the bus. Shuttl plans to bring about a change in the global market in the coming years. The homecheck feature helps monitor through the GPS if the passenger has reached home safely and if not a computer system will collect their whereabout details.

Currently, the company plans to cover all the regions in the country and enhance the global market growth. The buses will have a Wi-Fi connection, air-conditioner, pocket size computer, and display screens for authentication purpose as well. What more does a bus require? The bus has all their safety features installed for the passenger’s safety. Let’s hope the bus popularizes across the globe and helps escalate the global market growth.