Growing Travel Expedition and Changing Lifestyle Has Spurred the Growth of The Global Freeze Dried Food Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Food & Beverages

Freeze drying is one of the dehydration process, which is otherwise called lyophilization. The benefit of freeze drying over other drying methods, for example, fluid bed drying and spray drying is that amid the freeze drying process, the food products are brought into contact with the cold temperature. This enables the sustenance to hold its regular properties, while in different methods, the food loses a few or the majority of its common properties.

The freeze drying process includes disposing of all the dampness content in the food by first solidifying it, trailed by subliming. These factors help to extend the shelf life and usability of the food product. The products in frozen condition can be brought back to its normal structure. The procedures likewise help in disposing of the risk of bacterial and contagious development. Numerous customary procedures are presently being supplanted by freezing drying methods.

Factors such as changing lifestyle around the globe, hectic schedule, and consumers tend to discover differing approaches relieve themselves has also impacted the growth of the global freeze dried food market. People are getting involved more in leisure activities and outdoor adventures expeditions, Moreover, growing disposable income has motivated the enthusiast to go on travel expedition and majority of them prefer to accommodate at outdoor places by camping. These has boosted the demand for freeze dried products. Affordability factor is also critical aspect responsible for the growth of the global freeze dried food market.

As freeze dried foods are majorly used by travelers, growing number of travel enthusiast and adventure tourism has fostered the demand for the freeze dried foods. Many people face allergies caused due to intake of eggs, crustacean shellfish, peanuts, soybeans, milk, fish, wheat, tree nuts. Products made up of wheat such as pasta, bread trigger such allergies rapidly. Thus, travelers, with such allergies and other disease, who are on expedition face complexities in finding food. Not every restaurant take care of such cases and there are hardly any eating places that provide gluten-free menus. So as precaution, travelers majorly depend on freeze dried food products for the survival. This demand for freeze dried food has motivated the growth of global market.