Huawei Dominates the Smartphone Market in China

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Electronics

China is currently one of the most popular global markets that have the foreign traders interested in investing. The smartphone market is currently one of the highly blooming markets across the globe. There are a number of smartphone manufacturers in China but Huawei and Vivo are the ones seen to be showing tremendous growth in the second quarter of this year. The Chinese brands are topping the charts owing to the public interest in owning the cost effective and advanced phones.

The other brands including Xiaomi and Oppo are also following the chart. The Chinese smartphones cover about 69% of the smartphone market in China. These brands have outdone the global smartphone giants such as Apple and Samsung. The smartphone organization margin has widened in a couple of years. The performance of the global giants seems to be seasonal owing to their price and technology adoption rate among the public.

Huawei is currently topping the chart. The Chinese brand has caught the attention of a lot of public in the coming years. This year seems to be Christmas time for the company after looking at the huge revenue collection. The Chinese market has shown a very profitable come back after last year’s huge decline in the sales. The brands including Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi have raced the international and other local brands at the expense of its distribution strategy and exciting features.

The Chinese brands are being sold across the borders as well and enhancing the smartphone market growth across the globe. In terms of share profited, Huawei covers about 20.2% and Oppo has about 18.8%. The growth of the Chinese brands doesn’t seem to decline this year owing to the local brand’s success. The growth may be slow and steady but surely is worth the wait. Hence, the Chinese have the smartphone market escalating in their region. Even a slight decline in quality, marketing, and distribution features will push the topmost brands down the scale.

Hence, Huawei has to look up to maintaining its high standard in the coming years as the public are always vigilant over the oncoming technologies in the market.