India Is Grasping Domestic Aviation Market Excellently

Posted on: May-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Automotive

Aviation market is one of open playground for the leading players. Though the competition is real tough out there but the strategic business plans are effectively working out for them. Every airline company in Indian aviation market offers flat discounts and well served travelling experience in reasonable rates.

India in last month ranked top in the global listing in domestic air passenger growth which was due to the high demand and augmented load factor, IATA stated. In February, India’s development based on the revenue passenger kilometres (RPK) stood at 17%. But at the other side, RPK of the global domestic aviation market fell to 4.8% at the same time. The total load factor was the prime reason behind the surge in the graph and rise in the occupancy level in flight.

India achieved the top ranked position on the domestic growth chart for the consecutive 23 rd month. Considering the leap year effect, February was the 16 th successive months which witnessed the yearly growth rate increase by 20%.

There was some minor affect of the note ban on the market, but if totaled and compared with the overall parameters the domestic aviation market in India stayed unaffected due to high demand from the air passengers. The domestic airline players in the Indian domestic aviation market are scheduling 5% increase in domestic routes in present year along with simultaneous rise in the number of flight frequencies on every route. This new implementation will probably reduce the waiting time and also help to spur the demand due to the fare cut.

As per the details from the IATA, Russia has also teamed India and China in the race of rapidly growing markets. Asia Pacific region comprise India, Japan, and China as huge market this region accounts 45% percent of the overall regions operation.

Healthy economy, low fares are some of the factors that have boosted the growth of the global domestic aviation market from January.

Though there are various travel restrictions put up by the certain nations due to political un-stability and border closing policies, the effect of such bans haven’t impacted on the domestic market.