People Inclining and Adopting Green Products Burgeoning the Growth of The Green Cement Market

Posted on: May-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Chemicals and Materials

We all live in houses that built with loads of bricks and gray colored cement that is processed with sand as a mixture to bond the housing structure. But we are into the stage where everything we use has some been transformed or has a green alternative to make it environment friendly. Green Cement is one of those type developed by the researchers and has also been utilized on commercial scale. It made up of burnt clay, slag, recycled concrete, power plant waste and ingredients. It has been claimed that green cement has the potential to reduce the carbon trails by 40-50%. The material delivers a high resistivity to fire and thermal properties and works great in case of alkali attack in weather and climate change. Its ability to withstand at high temperature and deliverance of high corrosion resistance makes it stand out as a best alternative for the normal cement type.

Rising investment in real estates, large scale of infrastructure development and rapid urbanization are some of the key factors that are driving the global green cement market. Future planned residential projects based on the forthcoming population demand is one of the forecast planed based demand that has generated a huge requirement. The specific characteristic such as high strength and durability, and recyclability is motivating the growth of the market. Constant development of new constituents and additives to strengthen the qualities has created a lucrative growth in the market.

Construction of residential buildings, corporate estates, and other infrastructural development are some of the end user drivers that are fostering the global green cement market. Acceptance of alternate fuels that are made from extracts of waste such as solid based recovered fuels, oils, filter cakes, fly ash, foundry sands and leftover of animal meals has fuelled the demand of the green cement. Government emphasizing on green architecture to create a sustainable development is one of the reason spurring demand for The green cement.

Green cement protects the infrastructure from the damage caused by the sulfate and heat stress owing to the direct contact with moisture and water, this quality makes it most demanded product in the cement segment and also a selling point that makes it stand firm in the global green cement market.