Telematics Set To Play a Big Role In The Global Road Safety Market Growth

Posted on: Jun-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Public Sector

When it comes to road safety, India is currently on the back seat. The people in India tend to ignore the safety rules and safety measures such as a helmet or other safety equipment. But instead there is an extra advantage for all the careless drivers called the Telematics that will help the driver have a total control over his or her vehicle. Telematics will give the detail of the speed, vehicle dynamics, approaching vehicles, or any hurdles ahead in order to keep the driver safe from any danger. This new analysis technology will help a lot of people overcome the chances of crashing into something or being crashed by the other modes of transport.

Lately, the increasing number of road accidents due to careless driving has soared high. But owing to the development of such technology, it feels like we are in safe hands now. Thus, the Telematics is surely going to add another star to the shoulder of the global road safety market in the coming years. The Internet of Things concept is slowly and steadily being built up in every technology being made. Telematics helps increase the focus on driver’s safety, low-cost connectivity, strict automotive safety regulations, and high smartphone penetration rate, which in turn fuels the global road safety market. This technology is expected to change the lifestyle of people along with the auto industry value due to the addition of a new concept to the motor insurance business. Telematics will benefit both the insurer and the consumer by providing accurate data for the precise risk assessment prior to the incentive offering.

Telematics will be a huge benefit for India due to the lack of road safety issues. The real-time data from it will help the Indian drivers extract a lot of safety information from it. Earlier, Telematics used to give out the driver’s location details, monitor performance issues, or any flaws in the vehicle. In the coming years, it will have the intelligent traffic management system, tracking and parking management, electronic toll systems, real-time positioning, vehicle diagnostics, and stolen vehicle recovery.

Thus, this revolutionizing in the Telematics technology will prove to be a boon for the global market in the coming years. Indian Government thus plans to partner with open-platform Telematics providers to increase the safety and sustainability needs of the public.