This could be the first artificial intelligent business advisor app of the world

Posted on: Jul-2016 | By: 9 Dimen | Technology

Right from face recognition to virtual personal assistance, Artificial intelligence has seen a huge advancement over past years. It is now easier to accept that the machine can help with the mundane task. But can user rely on it for serious business related advices?
If you want the answer of this question then BRiN is a new app which is promising to be world’s first artificially intelligent business advisor by the end of 2016.

A Sydney based company has started creating this app. Founder Dale Beaumont informed tha he wanted to create a solution for small businesses lacking education and support and raised $2.1 million to get this job done. Now for coming 12 months they will create thousands of business conversations using computer logic.

The app will also include closed captions and real time translation into 30 different languages. The app is already witnessing success as 3000 business owners have signed up for the services in the first week itself.

BRiN is available free on App Store and Google Play.