Vigorous Implementation of Internet of Things to Upsurge Smart Mining Market

Posted on: Apr-2017 | By: 9 Dimen | Manufacturing & Construction

Smart mining is widely accepted by underground as well as surface miners due to its several advantages, including improved operational safety and efficiency, and a decrease in the overall turnaround duration. Implementation of such smart technologies enables well-organized connection among miners and also permits optimal production and revival with least wastage. They are also environment-friendly and much safer in comparison to the conventional mining technology. It includes numerous automated mining equipment, RFID tags, sensors, and several kinds of mine analytics and monitoring software.

The major factors influencing the growth of the smart mining market include the rising focus on health and safety, fast implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and an increase in acceptance of the autonomous equipment. Let’s have a brief glance at these growth factors.

Vigorous implementation of Internet of Things

Fast improvement in technology will persist to impact mining operations. IoT is progressively being implemented in mining vehicles and equipment. To elevate operational effectiveness and decrease downtime, the miners are utilizing enhanced devices for predictive maintenance. The usage of IoT in predicting and scheduling maintenance and repair jobs is likely to play a vital role in its extensive adoption.

Investment in Simulation Technology

Simulation technology is achieving grip among miners due to its confirmed advantages in countering crisis situations. Although the technology by itself is extremely competent, decreasing budgets have lead to decreased adoption. Nonetheless, the technology is assured to observe extensive implementation in the long run.

Rising Use of 3D Imaging

3D imaging is being extensively utilized for investigation of mines and is anticipated to grow significantly in the coming period owing to its rising usage in targeting and planning of drill holes.

Implementation of Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring systems make it possible for the miners to gather real-time information from the site and pass on the data to the local center immediately. A noteworthy percentage of mining industries have successfully implemented remote monitoring systems in their processes.

However, the lack of highly qualified and skilled labors, strict government rules regarding water, environment, & air, and accessibility of poor infrastructure are few of the critical factors that can restrict the growth of smart mining market.