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22-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

The biggest entertainment markets in the today’s world

Entertainment is the fun part of everybody’s day to day life. Some read, some watch TV, some are movie freak and now the most emerging hobby or source entertainment and in some cases money is video gaming industry.

22-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Global economy is slow but steadier

It can be notice that global economy at present is bit shaky and overall we live in very turbulent economic conditions. China is facing a slowdown; Europe is going through ‘Brexit’ phase.

21-Jul-2016 | General

First female boxer at Olympics from france, Sarah Ourahmoune

She entered into the female boxing when the people widely discourage upon in France. After 20 years still she throwing punches hope to land some in Rio. French boxer Sarah Ourahmoune becomes France's first ever female boxer to compete in the Olympics.

21-Jul-2016 | Electrical

Electrical and Solar energy vehicles

Owing to the crazily rising fuel prices, carbon emission and consequent rise in the global heat, awareness of people and among vehicle manufacturers , electric vehicles and solar powered vehicles like cars, trucks, two wheelers are getting introduced in the market and even customers are also getting attracted toward it gradually.

21-Jul-2016 | Technology

Future of mobile Applications

Apps are used as a media or tool or shortcut to get related notifications that contain content and actions. This very purpose of app is going to change the future look and design and use of it.

20-Jul-2016 | Technology

How to verify your Twitter account

Twitter has developed online application process for Twitter accounts to receive verified status. It will allow user to recognize key organizations and individuals on Twitter as genuine and is denoted by a blue button icon.

20-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Microsoft announced a profit of $3.1 billion, a year after big loss

SAN FRANCISCO: Tuesday, Microsoft announced a profit of $3.1 billion in the in this ended quarter.  The company was fluctuating in big loss of mobile phone assets a year black.

Chief executive Satya Nadella said, "Past year was key to our own and customer transformation who are navigating their own digital transformations.”

The company’ ...

19-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Role of agriculture in developing economy

Developing countries are those which have lesser industrial base compared to other nations. Normally in such countries the economy is largely based on labor intensive work like farming, mining and fishing.

19-Jul-2016 | Financial Services

Population growth and impact on world economy

World economy is affected by many human and non human factors and one of those factors is population. Population of country starts affecting the global economy when the migrations take place.

18-Jul-2016 | Technology

Google now shows an average time people spend at a particular place

To help its user more efficiently and make searching, travel planning easier Google has introduced a new feature which lets user know the estimated or average time people normally spend at a given place.