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18-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Online retail shopping market is the future of retail shopping

Shopping is done by almost every person be it for grocery, clothes, cars, bikes, home daily items or books or movies. Going to the shops or departmental stores, standing a queue and carry that food home is a task many wants to avoid as it takes their energy and time too.

In today’s time when internet is available everywhere and is accessed by almost everybody from the ...

15-Jul-2016 | Technology

Video games are sustaining their stability and rather becoming more advanced and wider

Technology evolves with an amazing speed, if anybody need a proof of that, gaming industry can be a good example. Over the period of time with more advanced digital and computerized knowledge this industry is spreading its roots far deeper and wider in the economy and getting its popularity too

15-Jul-2016 | Electronics

Mobile App market is getting bigger

Apps are software made to operate on devices like mobile and tablets. Apps are of different categories like games, books, entertainment, ticket booking, health care, shopping apps and many more.

14-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverages

Tea, its craze and global market

Tea is drink consumed in many countries in different styles with or without milk by adding spices and other herbal elements as per the tradition and choice. Apart from regular drinking purpose, tea had a holistic place in many ancient rituals too.

The tea market growth in last few years is positive and it continues to maintain that position. Asian countries like China and In ...

14-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Scrap market and global economy

In today’s economy the scarp business has become one of the recession proof businesses with good profit opportunity. Owing to the increase in construction and industry all around the globe demand for recycled or scrap metals like copper, aluminum, steel is higher than before. Not just for economy but recycling scrap is beneficial for environment health also.

There is n ...

14-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

Media and Entertainment Industry changed way to view their favorite program across the globe.

Media and entertainment is the stepping stone of the world economy. The industry is consist of many segments among itself print, television, films.

13-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

Raj Babbar is appointed as up congress chief

On Tuesday the congress has appointed Raj Babbar as the party chief in election bounded Utter Pradesh, actor turn politician. At the press conference Janardan Dwivedi announced that Sonia Gandhi a congress president has appointed Raj Babbar as new Chief of Uttar Pradesh.

Raj BabBar is going to replace NIrmalKhatri, Who has now been appointed as New Chairperson of the Screeni ...

12-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverages

Rising bakery products sale is boosting convenient food market

Bakery items like doughnut, cakes, breads, cookies are consumed by larger global population on regular basis.

12-Jul-2016 | Consumer Goods

Impact of Sports on global economy

Sports are being played since centuries now and tournaments are being taken place too. Different sports have its own audience and they just go crazy for that sport.

11-Jul-2016 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Healthcare and tourism industry marriage going well due to medical tourism in growth

Medical tourism is when people from one country travel to another country to seek medical care or treatment. It is considered to be the child of globalization in health care sector.