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12-Oct-2017 | Electronics

Huawei Dominates the Smartphone Market in China

China is currently one of the most popular global markets that have the foreign traders interested in investing. The smartphone market is currently one of the highly blooming markets across the globe. There are a number of smartphone manufacturers in China but Huawei and Vivo are the ones seen to be showing tremendous growth in the second quarter of this year. The Chinese brands are topping ...

12-Oct-2017 | Telecommunications and Wireless

Increasing Demand for Software-Defined Networking to Boost Its Market in India

In this ever-changing world of technology, there is a quick addition of things that are getting associated on a daily basis through the private or public network. Conventional networking frameworks are slow to respond to the requirement produced by connected objects in a specific network. This is where the software-defined networking (SDN) plays an important role.

09-Oct-2017 | Automotive

Global Transportation Market to Profit from the Shuttl App-Based Bus Service

Transportation is a facility no individual can avoid. Hence, there is always a need for a feasible and secure transportation mode of vehicle. Shuttl is a startup that has found a new way of tackling the passenger safety issues. The bus service company has decided on including a number of new features to its mode of transportation and also enhances the passenger’s safety. It is planning ...

09-Oct-2017 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Health Alertness to Bolster Demand for Wellness Products and Services In The Philippines

The Philippines have been the most enhanced country concerning health and wellness. Consumer health in this country is further anticipated to be benefited owing to the steady economic growth projected in future, particularly, by high and middle-income customers for whom health & wellness has become their primary preference, thus fueling the growth of the health & wellness market.

03-Oct-2017 | Energy

Mounting Use of Renewable Energy Resources Will Spur the Cleantech Energy Market

Several measures have been taken by the Saudi Arabia government that has amplified the expenditure in the Saudi Arabia Future Solar Energy. A target has been set by the National Renewable Energy Program to augment the renewable energy generation by 2023 up to 9.5 GW, to back the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia, with the acting target of the renewable power capacity of 3.45 GW by 2020 through the ...

03-Oct-2017 | Automotive

Increasing Trend of Buying a Car through the Internet Boosting the Growth of The Automobile Market

Before buying a new car, the way of looking at the showroom goes down slowly and slowly. Sales of automobile companies through digital bookings are increasing. Internet is now playing an important role in the purchase decision. Major car companies such as Hyundai, Honda, and Renault are now getting 10–20% of its total sales from digital platform, which was almost zero in 2015. The coun ...

25-Sep-2017 | Technology

Siemens Medical Scanner Software Updation: A Helping Hand for the Global Cybersecurity Market

Siemens, a German industrial group, has planned to update some of its important medical scanners by the end of August, 2017, so as to restrain the vulnerabilities to the bugs. The medical scanner will help eliminate the hacking of the equipments. The hackers will be able to access the systems by knowing the weakness of the Windows software or security codes that can be easily traced.

25-Sep-2017 | Technology

UK Grocery Market To Intensify With The Advent of Mounting Competition

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, discounters, and mixed retailers are the distribution conduits that have been used since long by grocery vendors in the UK. There are numerous non-store selling channels that include direct selling, vending, home shopping, internet retailing, and so on. In the previous year, discounters have the leading contributing channel to the growth of the ...

21-Sep-2017 | Electronics

Global Smartphone Sales Hit 366 Million Units in Q2 Boosting the Global Market

Global trades of smartphones crossed 366.2 Million units in the quarter two of this year, a 6.7% rise over the quarter two of last year, claimed a market research firm last week to the media in an interview.

Android-based handsets exceeded iOS with a share in the market of 87.7%, with the latter contributing for just 12.1%. "Even though need for utility handsets stays sturdy, ...

21-Sep-2017 | Automotive

Indian Pick-Up Truck Market Presently Encouraged By Mahindra And Mahindra

In India, goods transportation is one of the leading applications for commercial vehicles. Set up of various industrial areas has generated a requirement of varying size pick-trucks. The LCV segment has various good carrier sub-segments on board which is claimed to be largest in terms of volumes.