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12-Sep-2017 | Automotive

Indian Auto Component Market Taps the Mark Of $43.5 Billion in 2017 Fiscal Year

ACMA, the component industry body, while declaring its annual performance figures, stated that there is a significant growth in the Indian automotive component market. The total revenue for the market remained at Rs 292,184 Crore, which is the two-fold growth of 14.3%.

As per the Director General of ACMA, Vinnie Mehta, demand is expected to boost in the coming future across variou ...

12-Sep-2017 | Automotive

Indian Automotive Sector Going Through Intense Transformation, Inclining Towards Electric Vehicles

The most lucrative Indian automobile has been valued at $100 Billion and is expected to grow more than the estimation in the upcoming period. The sector is under a serious transformation since last ten years.

Indian automobile sector opens the doors for the FDI in 1991 during the period of liberalization of country’s economy. Moving ahead it has been considered as a critical ...

04-Sep-2017 | General

Increasing Health Consciousness Has Motivated the Growth Of The Sports Accessories Market

Sports isn’t seen as a physical activity nowadays, as it has turned out to be a scope of entertainment, a trend to be fit, or can be seen as a platform to achieve fame. However, the sports industry has produced many business opportunities for the sub-segments that contribute in the market, in terms of sports accessories and other additional accessories.

04-Sep-2017 | Technology

Indian IT Market Soon to Witness Golden Days

Indian IT market is witnessing huge job loss day by day. Each day we here some news about the layoffs and job slashes. This needs to be changed. This has elevated the dilemma among the people. Average voluntary attrition levels and salary hikes in top segments dropped at the quarter of April–June over past year.

22-Aug-2017 | Automotive

GST Spurs the Indian Automobile Market—Sale of Maruti and Honda Surge

Indian automobile market faced loads of uncertainties in the previous months as it was relatively a mixed bag for domestic car segment with Ford, Maruti Suzuki, and Honda reporting its double digit growth, while on the other hand, Toyota witnessed a decline in its sale.

22-Aug-2017 | Electronics

Launch of MIT Pune’s Chintu to Boost the Global Robotics Market

Stop brainstorming!!! Before you think Chintu as some random student from the MIT College of Pune, let us clear you that he is not a human. Yes!!! You heard it right. Chintu is a robot that is developed by the student of MIT Pune. Well, the launch of Chintu has indeed flourished the global robotics market for sure.

But should Chintu alone be held responsible for the growth of the ...

18-Aug-2017 | Technology

Amplified Focus on Enhancing Customer Experience to Uplift the Language Processing Market

Language processing includes the reading text’s automation with the use of advanced algorithms. The language processing devices recognize grammar and words to obtain meaning from huge expanses of text. Additionally, it combines computational linguistics with artificial intelligence to understand and process the natural language obtained by the computer. At present, in business scenario ...

18-Aug-2017 | Electronics

Launch of Jio’s 4G Handset to Fuel the Global Tablet and Smartphone Market

Reliance Jio had already been in talks due to its affordable plans that it is offering to its users. And now, the company has launched its 4G enabled smartphone in the country. This handset is claimed to be the cheapest and most affordable 4G handset in the market. The launch of this handset is going to boost the profit charts of the company. And simultaneously, it is also going to power the ...

31-Jul-2017 | Electronics

Generation of New Slot at Busy Airports to Uplift the Airport Information Systems Market

Airports are progressively implementing technological solutions to attain related cost reductions and operational efficiency. As a consequence, the establishments are spending in new technologies such as near-field communications, geolocation, 3D face recognition, iBeacons, thermal sensors, and video analytics. The demand for instantaneous data sharing, rising passenger traffic, and need for ...

31-Jul-2017 | Technology

Digitalization to Boost the Indian Media and Entertainment Market

The need for digitalization in the various sectors has helped the country prosper to some extent. Digitalization helps ease and quicken the process of improvement needed in a sector. Currently, in India the craze for TV, print, media, and entertainment industry is endless. Hence, there is no doubt that half of the country’s revenue is earned through this sector.