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10-Apr-2017 | Medical Devices

Maitland Record Highest Vaccination Driving Global Human Vaccines Market

Vaccinations are the most important thing in the life of humans? You must be probably thinking as to why we are exaggerating this topic to such an extent. Well, there is a reason behind this!! If it weren’t for the vaccines that you have taken in your childhood, then it you might have probably ended up having polio. Isn’t that scary? Now, it is after imagining the situation? Keep ...

10-Apr-2017 | Medical Devices

Multifunctional Fibers to Study Spinal Cord Neurons Burgeons the Global Medical Diagnostic Market

Could the fibers be used to study the spinal cord neurons? “Yes.” The researchers from MIT have made it possible to get this idea to life. The brain could be studied using the implantable fibers that stimulate the specific target brain cells and monitor electrical responses, which is the exact opposite in case of the spinal cord as it bends and flexes. The MIT graduate students S ...

05-Apr-2017 | Chemicals and Materials

Growing Environmental Concerns to Upsurge the Plastic Bottle Recycling Market

Plastic products are ubiquitous in day-to-day life. They are a widely utilized material in several industries such as electrical & electronics, automotive, food & beverage sector, and building & construction. Hence, the waste produced from them is ample.

05-Apr-2017 | Technology

Rising Demand For Smart Coatings to Upsurge Its Market

Smart coatings denote to layers or films fabricated of coating materials, which have pre-defined features and exhibit specific characteristics on reacting to peripheral stimuli such as pressure, electric current, or light. As per the particular needs of end-use purposes, the smart coatings are personalized. As smart coating materials are chemical resistant and weatherproof, they are extensiv ...

29-Mar-2017 | Electrical

Urbanx’s Revolutionary E-Bikes Help The Global Electric Bicycle Market Surge Rocket High

As the technology is constantly revolutionizing in every phase of life, it ought to result in an astounding end product. The electric wheels concept has brought to light today mainly to the rising congestion, traffic, pollution, and increasing fuel prices. UrbanX has launched two more electric wheels in the market—240-Watt UrbanX Eco and the 350-Watt UrbanX Booster. These e-bikes have ...

29-Mar-2017 | Energy

Smart Jacket Connected to A Touch-Screen Technology Astounds The Wearable Technology Market

The smart jacket is a 21st-century hi-tech wearable concept. The jacket belongs to the “connected clothing line” which is a part of the Levi’s Project Jacquard. The company mainly aims in making the interaction between the wearer’s smartphone and the clothing possible. Hence, Google and Levi’s have planned to team up to launch the new jacket later this year. The ...

20-Mar-2017 | Consumer Goods

Nike Launches $720 Self Lacing Shoes Elevating the Global Athletic Footwear Market

Nike is a name that every sports person is known of. The company has served for many years with its quality products. Recently the company has once again proven its capacity. The company launched its new shoes that have the capability to tie laces automatically. These self lacing shoes are priced at $720. This has indeed boosted the global athletic footwear market. Let us have a look at othe ...

17-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Rise In Assisted Living Facilities to Boost The Medical Alert Systems Market

Medical alert systems function as alarm systems developed for a medical crisis. The system consists of a transmitter that can be stimulated automatically or manually in an emergency. On activation of the medical alert system, it sends a signal to the central control room of the alert monitoring agencies or any other agency, or the respective user, or even to the nearest hospital. The system ...

17-Mar-2017 | Consumer Goods

Rise In Acceptance Of Machine Learning As A Service (Mlaas) Is Anticipated To Be Advantageous For The Global Mlaas Market

Machine learning is field that drives the autonomous world around. In the drastically changed and technologically ruled world, we have completely adopted the system and have acquired the technology rapidly owing to its instant and precious outputs. One of the common and basic examples of Machine learning is the auto generated marketing and promotional emails that are directly get into our sy ...

14-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Launch Of New Huggies Diaper to Boost The Global Baby Diaper Market

Every one of us is aware of the name ‘Huggies’. Huggies is the company that is well known for its baby diapers. The company has been serving us with its quality products since ages. And now the company has launched its new product. The company has launched new tiny diapers. These tiny diapers are specially developed for premature babies. This launch of new diapers has indeed for ...