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14-Mar-2017 | Automotive

Zoomcar-Audi Partnership to Escalate The Global Car Rental Market

Zoomcar is recognized as one of the first company to start the car renting business in India. Recently, the company announced its partnership with the automobile giant Audi in order to flourish its business in India as well as throughout the globe. This has resulted in the escalation of the global car rental market.

07-Mar-2017 | Technology

Lechal Smart Insoles Use For Self Tracking Propels The Wearable Technology Market

The Indian company Ducere Technologies has finally come up with a wearable pod or insole called “Lechal.” Leachal helps you track the steps walked, calories burnt, and also help you navigate. It’s a wearable technology that is placed inside or outside the shoe and helps you track your steps by using the Lechal app. The app shows results similar to that obtained from an Appl ...

07-Mar-2017 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Need to Meet The Therapy Requirement Boost The Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market

Multiple sclerosis, which is a nervous system disorder, affects the brain & spinal cord. It injures the myelin sheath. Myelin sheath is the material that protects and surrounds the human nerve cells. This injury inhibits messages between the body and brain resulting in indications of multiple sclerosis. Few of the important signs of multiple sclerosis include memory & thinking issues ...

23-Feb-2017 | Technology

Evolving Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning System Is Driving The E-Commerce Market

E-commerce industry has been a vital contributor to the global economy. The concept of making people shop through their gadgets has now turned out to be a global market with infinite market value. In India, E-commerce industry worth’s more than $30 Billion and it is expected to grow by $120 Billion in the coming years.

23-Feb-2017 | Technology

Gold Nanoparticles Used For Fuel Production Can Help Boost The Renewable Energy Market In The Near Future

Won’t you be surprised that gold particles can be an alternative catalyst for energy generation? We agree it’s not a new idea about finding alternatives but this nanoparticle for energy storage purpose doesn’t seem a bad idea. The gold catalysts are 10 times more efficient even though not that powerful as a battery. The researchers at the University of Adelaide, Flinders Un ...

15-Feb-2017 | Technology

Rising Demand For Security Technologies to Propel Cyber Security Market In India—Credit Goes To Demonetization

One of the biggest moves so far in the India has to be the demonetization revolution brought the government, which has pushed India toward digitalization. This has completely evolved the way governments and businesses are functioning in India. However, it has also opened opportunities for cyber attacks as most of the processes are shifted to online versions among the enterprises in the count ...

15-Feb-2017 | Medical Devices

Rising Frequency Of Hearing Disorder to Assist The Hearing Aids Market to Boost In The Coming Period

The increasing prevalence of hearing ailments among the aging population has led to the increase in the purchase of proficient hearing devices. The serious concern in the global healthcare domain is the hearing disorders in the newborn babies and the war veterans. As any hearing loss, if left untreated, can cause mutilation in the speaking as well as the psychological & academic capabili ...

15-Feb-2017 | Automotive

Tata Motors Hydrogen Bus A Perfect Solution to Reduce Green House Emission

It seems that making vehicles that can run on green energy is one of common aim of the automakers, no matter in India or around the globe. Players like Tesla are way ahead in terms of hybrid technology. Its green vehicles are alrea

07-Feb-2017 | Chemicals and Materials

DNA forensics market to boost while trying to curb the increasing crime

DNA forensics is a division of forensic science that deals with the genetic material as a source for investigation in crime to answer questions relevant to legal circumstances such as civil and criminal cases.

DNA databases are utilized to verify, apprehend, catalog, track, and prosecute the culprits of crimes. At present, the DNA profiles obtained from the crime sites are e ...

07-Feb-2017 | Chemicals and Materials

Can algae biofuel drive the biofuel market around the globe?

Recent advancement in the technology means creating fuel from diverse sources such as coffee, certain seeds, microorganisms, plants, and others. The development of fuels from the biological sources is no longer a fiction. The production of the biofuel from the algae on a large scale is considered to be very promising for today’s generation. The biofuel production can help meet the fuel ...