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07-Feb-2017 | Medical Devices

Breath-activated inhalers of Teva cleared by FDA

Asthma is basically a condition which makes it difficult for the person to breathe as the airways of that person becomes narrow, inflamed, and swelled and generates extra mucus. So many people around the world suffer from asthma. Many new methods are being developed to prevent and treat asthma.

Here are two more in the field, Teva’s breath-activated RespiClick line, wh ...

02-Sep-2016 | General

Typhoon hits northern Japan, 9dead

Tokyo:  Typhoon hits with heavy rain and flooded in Northern Japan causes nine elderly people were dead.

02-Sep-2016 | General

Pentagon claim on Russian of Killing ISIS leader

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has said, the US has no any informant that Russia’s supports killed senior ISIS leader and spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani.

26-Aug-2016 | Business Services

Four top banks join forces on new digital currency

Four of Europe and the U.S.'s biggest banks have joined forces to work on a digital-only cash system, which they hope to launch in two years' time.

26-Aug-2016 | Business Services

Microsoft bought Genee, an AI start-up that schedules meetings like a personal assistant

Microsoft said on Monday it has agreed to acquire Genee, an artificial intelligence (AI) app that acts as a digital personal assistant to schedule meetings.

The start-up, which was founded in 2014, will shut down its service on September 1. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed by Genee founders Ben Cheung and Charles Lee, who will join Microsoft.


10-Aug-2016 | General

Philippine: officials surrender after being linked to drugs trade

MANILA: on Monday, dozens of government and police officials surrendered themselves; a day after President Rodrigo Duterte linked them to the drugs trade. Narcotics war has been increased and killed hundreds since he took office in June.

09-Aug-2016 | General

Facebook awarded Former deputy principal in Australia with $150,000

A district court judge in Australia of New South Wales state has ordered a man to pay $150,000 with reference to writing a defamatory Facebook post that ruined life of the a motel owner. In March 2014, electrician David Scott wrote the following post on Facebook: “Pedophile [sic] warning:- Nambucca [town] has been used as a relocation for these monsters – blue dolphin -nirvana ho ...

08-Aug-2016 | General

Anitta, stole the show on the Rio Olympics opening ceremony

Among disapproval in the Rio, the Olympics Opening Ceremony went off little smoothly. 23 year-old Anitta, appear as a star performer along with Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, who stole the show on stage at Maracanã Stadium.

Anitta, 23 year an old break-out star, got chance to perform with two Grammy winning veteran singers.

01-Aug-2016 | General

Islamists blow up 16-century mosque in Yemen attack

Yemen's commission for antiquities and museums has been blame for destruction of mosque which is most famous in the city of Taez.

The official told, a 16th century mosque has been blown by the Sunni Islamist revolutionary in Yemen, which is holy place of respected Sufi scholar in the city of Taez. On Friday night Gunmen led by a Salafist local chief known as Abu al-Abbas ...

01-Aug-2016 | General

Gabon president warns of conflict during August elections

On Thursday, The representative of the EU election observation mission told to politicians "do everything" to "avoid any violence or any form of provocation" while high tension of the presidential polls.

Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba has warned the possible unrest at the time of 27 August election. He said opposition challenging his eligibility to see ...