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29-Jul-2016 | General

Some influential women in politics form From Angela Merkel to Sonia Gandhi

According to CNN, Hillary Clinton became the first woman in US history to be nominated as president on 27 July. former lady and secretary of state claimed her place in history after becoming the Democratic Party's nominee for US president.

However Clinton prepares to take tough fight against Donald Trump. Take look of most influential women in politics around the world.< ...

29-Jul-2016 | General

Syria: 14 new civilian deaths in Iraq

On Wednesday, atleast 56 civilians, including 11 children, died as they fled from a village near Manbij, The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

28-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Australia's big banks hold hands to challenge Apple on mobile payment apps

Australia's 3 biggest banks, including number one lender National Australia Bank (NAB), said they had lodged a joint application with anti-trust regulators seeking approval to collectively negotiate with Apple Inc. to install their own electronic payments applications on iPhones.

28-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverages

Mondelez to launch chocolates in China

Mondelez, maker of iconic brands like Cadbury and Nabisco, will start selling its Milka brand chocolate in China in September. Deerfield-based Mondelez already sells items from its biscuit and gum categories in China. Brands under those umbrellas include Oreo, Ritz and Trident.

27-Jul-2016 | Technology

Amazon drones are ready to take a flight

After having the approval of UK aviation regulators, Amazon is ready to test and develop new drone delivery system. The Civil Aviation Authority has given Amazon the green signal to explore drone flights that extend beyond a pilot's line of sight in both rural and suburban settings.

27-Jul-2016 | Technology

3D Movies without glasses

3D movies changed the way we watch and experience the cinema. It made an experience more real and attached than before. But that pair of glasses we need to put on to have this experience are quite uncomfortable at times.

26-Jul-2016 | Technology

This could be the first artificial intelligent business advisor app of the world

Right from face recognition to virtual personal assistance, Artificial intelligence has seen a huge advancement over past years.

26-Jul-2016 | Chemicals and Materials

Desalination of water to cater the global need

Desalination is a process of removing minerals from saline water. It is one of the few rainfall independent water resources.

25-Jul-2016 | General

VCR’s countdown begins

The video cassette recorder that brought revolution in the entertainment market by enabling audience to watch their favorite shows from TV or movies, at any time , leisurely is counting its last breath. Many though it was already dead in today’s digital entertainment market, but it is not so.

25-Jul-2016 | General

A 23 Foot tall air purifier gets a tryout in smoggy Beijing

Studio Roosegaarde, a social design lab in Netherland has created world’s first outdoor air purifier which will help cities to be smog free. It is 23 foot tall, and looks like a miniature sky scraper.